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Part of the deal with my wife if we bought the  house was that I had to put a swimming pool in.

Being from the UK I knew absolutely nothing about swimming pools, or how they are built. Fortunately, everyone in Spain seems to have an idea so after much listening we decided on a builder, we picked a British builder, purely because of my inability to express myself adequately in Spanish.

First job of course was to pick the spot, then dig a big hole.

What happens next is a basic shell is built out of brick, and then wire / steel re-enforcement is attached to the structure. The brick shell is only there to support the steelwork and to provide shuttering for the gunnite layer.

Once the steel work is complete and pipework installed the structure is sprayed with gunnite to a depth of 8 to 10 inches on the walls and 10 to 12 inches on the floor, this layer is allowed to cure slightly and is then smoothed off and keyed in preparation for the tiling.

The tiles are laid using a waterproof adhesive and finally grouted, all fixings are secured, pump filter etc installed, any backfilling around the pool completed and then its time to fill the pool with water.