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Will add more to this page over time. As I try to write it I realise I do not know the names of many of the places we go to.

Bars / coffee shops etc I have visited that are either good value, welcoming or bike friendly or all 3.

I have no connection with any of the places other than I use them regularly or occasionally.

Nearly all Spanish and many foreign run bars / restaurants have a menu del dia or daily special. This usually consists of 3 courses, starter, main course and sweet. It usually includes bread and wine

Bar Meones ,

on the N332 just past the Southern entrance to Calpe, Spanish catering to local workers, you will need to speak a little Spanish or guess, staff are friendly and helpful, incredible value for money, place is full every lunchtime, lots of parking.

Pension Gransol

Good place to relax, the manager is a great guy and the staff are good. Does regular music nights during the summer. Comfortable bar, swimming pool and terrace. Can be found by heading for the Imperial Park complex in Calpe and then following the signs for Gran Sol.


Excellent restaurant in Teulada, very good food, friendly staff and plenty of parking, their website is Their terrace is open in the summer and it is one of my favourite places to eat.

Vin de Calp

Upmarket restaurant on Colari urbanisation, slightly expensive by Spanish standards (cheap by British), quality and service are excellent. Really recommend this for a posh-ish meal. No need to dress up though, jeans and polo shirt are fine.

Hotel Capri

Restaurant on Calpe seafront, has entrances from main street and promenade, varied menu, has "posh and not quite so posh" sections. A little more expensive than some spots, but has an excellent position.


Bar Frau

transport cafe type bar / restaurant, caters to Spanish and passing trade, little bit of English spoken, good value (half the price of "tourist bars") if a little impersonal if you can't speak Spanish, on the N332 at North end of Benissa. easy parking.


Bar Canis

its the only bar / restaurant  in Benimarco, follow the signs from Benissa to Benimarco and the bar is in the square. Spanish and a little English spoken, very friendly, food is usually good (especially the Paella) plenty of parking, excellent view from the terrace. Closes from 4 to 6 off season.


La Fustera

Chez Flo

don't know where the name comes from, run by long term Brit expat, prices similar to other expat bars . Pleasantly quiet in winter, hectic in summer being right on the coast.