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In addition to trackday riding, I do ride regularly on the roads and attend several rallies when work permits.

The most recent rally was the Faro 2003, an experience that is hard to take in in one go, so hopefully I will go again next year. How something so large (40,000 plus) gets so well organised is beyond me, full credit to the guys at Moto Club de Faro. 

Check out their website at its in Portuguese as the English version is not finished yet.

Rallies in the UK that I enjoyed include the South Petherton rally, and of course the PMCC rallys, details of UK rallies can usually be found on the MAG and BMF websites, if you have not been to one, its about time you did, get a tent and go have a party in a field.

The PMCC regularly visit Spain either for a "chill out in the sun" or to attend specific events, like Faro or the Valencia GP and WSBK rounds. I always try to link up with them at some stage as its good to see everyone again and catch up on club and local gossip, as well as an excuse for a party. Check out the PMCC website for more info on what they do.

Riding in Spain is great after riding in the UK, admittedly riding on the wrong side of the road takes a little getting used to, but whereas in the UK bikes are treated as second class, in Spain people actually wave at you, even the police are bike friendly. I have been stopped once in Spain by two bike police, they wanted to have a look at the bike as they had never seen an SP1, bear in mind I have a race exhaust, graphic number plate and dark visor. All these guys could say was muy bien, ask about performance and where I was going. Dread to think of the contribution to the state funds I would have had to pay if a similar occurrence took place in the UK. The only thing you must do in Spain is ride with a headlight on and have proof of ownership, there is no such thing as a producer, if you are stopped and do not have your documents, you may be escorted to get them or have the bike impounded. Same as fines, if you get fined either have the cash or you will get an escort to the nearest cashpoint. Small price to pay for no speed cameras and a bike friendly population, not to mention some of the best roads in Europe