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Since I am paying for webspace thought I had better use some of it.

Have been living in Benissa in Spain for about a 3 years, gave up on the UK as the highest taxed country on the planet, with the least return.

Spain is great but the UK has its good points, bacon and sausages spring to mind.

Anyway on this site I will put up a little about life in Spain, a little about life / work in Nigeria and a little about my progression on motorcycles.

All the pictures are pretty low quality so the pages don't take ages to download. Higher quality versions are available on the photo's page

Where I am describing technical things, in many cases I have over simplified for clarity or just to try and make things clearer.

Some of the diagrams are "borrowed" from sources on the internet, if I have infringed copyrights let me know, preferably by e-mail,  not by solicitors letter, and I will remove them and draw them myself

All explanations on the DP side are my own interpretation and simplification and are not necessarily exact.

On the links page are, surprisingly enough, links related to this sites content. If the link is to a company or bar then I have either used the bar / service, or know and trust the people that operate the company.

Comments, questions etc are welcome by e-mail, spam is not

For travelling to and from the local Spanish airports try www.shareacar.eu

This site was last updated April 17th 2005.